Friends! Join the fundraiser for the mobile hospital to expedite its acquisition and save as many lives of our soldiers and citizens as possible.

Mobile Hospital is a full-fledged hospital on wheels, equipped with modern medical equipment for the deployment and provision of emergency surgical care in the immediate vicinity of places of active hostilities. Inside - inspection and manipulation of couches, surgical department, X-ray equipment, laboratory.

Deployment of such a hospital in areas of hostilities takes only 40 minutes. During the day the hospital can accommodate up to 150 people and save up to 500 lives a month! Without transporting the wounded over long distances, which is very important in rescuing them.

We found such a mobile hospital in Turkey and reserved it. We are currently raising funds for payment and shipment.

The amount is 2̶6̶0̶ ̶3̶4̶2̶ ̶e̶u̶r̶o̶s̶. Big, but real.

️‼️ New amount - 223,500 euros. We are very grateful to our partners from Turkey били for making an additional discount. So we can buy a hospital much faster!

The project is partly funded by charitable contributions from concerts, mostly organized with the support of "KONTRAMARKA UA", but we need your help and participation.

Now is the time when even the slightest action saves the lives of soldiers and citizens of Ukraine.

Help financially according to the details below.

Together to victory! 💙💛
Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦