10,000 uah were donated to the Trushna PEREMOHA fund 🤝

As part of the "Trushne Teplo" project, these funds will be sent to the reconstruction of the house of a large family in the village of Moschun, Kyiv region.

The village of Moschun is located in the Buchansky district, and became a bone in the throat of the occupiers. It was destroyed during hostilities and occupation. 164 houses cannot be restored, and there are almost no people left in the village.

Volunteers of the "Trushne Teplo" project found 17 houses that can be quickly restored and made habitable. In the houses of these families, which are provided with assistance, the windows are broken, and the roofs are cut by debris. These are the most urgent problems, the solution of which will allow the inhabitants of the village to survive the winter with warmth and shelter those who lost their homes.
Our team supported this initiative and will continue to help the BF "Trushna PEREMOHA", you should join in.

Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine!