The liberation of Kherson is one of the most joyful news of recent times. But at the same time, we understand that even after the deoccupation of the territories, the war still continues, and the needs remain great.

We made a decision to open a direction of aid in the liberated territories. Currently, this is Kherson Oblast: we donate money from concerts for demining the territory and humanitarian aid to families.

"It was us in the Kherson region    6 villages were simply demolished from the face of the earth, we traveled and looked for people who needed help. In one village, 3 families, in another 5, the one we were going to, were completely wiped out.

Mined roadsides, fields and houses, heaps of civilian graves, devastation and people who met us with tears in their eyes and gratitude for not forgetting them. It's a terrible pain. Many crippled destinies. The war is still going on there, we slept on the block of the post office to the sound of hail," the volunteer said.

Don't be left out. Together we will win! 💪

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