Many enemy drones are correcting artillery and mortar fire on the positions of our military and civilian objects. In the fall, this situation will become more acute: the leaves will fall and the enemy's position will be in the palm of his hand.

The anti-drone gun is a gadget that effectively disrupts and lands enemy drones. such rifles are currently needed on the entire front line.

Our fund went to Antitila fund collection for the purchase of 10 portable anti-drones ANTIDRON KVSG-6. Thanks to this device, the military could control a perimeter with a radius of up to 2,000 meters, thus making it impossible for enemy drones to scout their positions.

The required amount for the implementation of the project is UAH 5,000,000. The price of one product is about UAH 500,000 with relevant documents and certificates for installation on the balance sheet of units. The production time from the moment of the order is about 3 weeks.

Let's act together - that's the only way we'll win.
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Everything will be Ukraine!🇺🇦