Friends, we have done many good deeds during almost two months of war.

Let's summarize and go on with inspiration:

🚘 in the first weeks more than 1,500 people were transported from hotspots to the West. Helped women and children, pregnant and elderly people, transported dogs, cats and even a parrot

🚍 transported 2 tons of household items and equipment

👶 provided families with baby food, basic clothing and hygiene items

🧸 handed over humanitarian aid to the Ohmadit Children's Hospital

🏡 found and handed over humanitarian aid to the residents of Kyiv region

📡 strengthened Starlink satellite communications and the Internet in the Kiev region

🚨 handed over to the Military Hospital of Zaporozhye bulletproof vests for drivers of ambulance crews

💪🏼 carried out more than one supply of specialized military uniforms and footwear from France to our Armed Forces

🤝 handed over quality turnstiles to the territorial defense

✅ brought three modern electric medical beds for the Kiev hospital

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